Other Water-related Shows

Here are some other sources of broadcast or Internet audio or video about water and natural resources (links checked 10/20/15; latest addition 10/20/15).

In or related to Virginia

BackStory with the American History Guys:
Produced by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and available online at http://backstoryradio.org/, this broadcast/podcast seeks to bring historical perspective to current events.  Some recent water-related episodes include the following:

Island Hopping, 59 minutes, 3/20/15, on the role of islands in American History, online at http://backstoryradio.org/shows/islands/.
Tapped Out: Thirsting for Fresh Water,
52 minutes, 3/27/15 (re-broadcast), exploring the history of water rights and access in the United States; it includes a segment on water use and contamination by the English colonists at Jamestown; online at http://backstoryradio.org/shows/tapped-out/?autoplay=true.
That Lawless Stream: A History of the Mississippi River,
52 minutes, 6/14/13, online at http://backstoryradio.org/shows/that-lawless-stream/.

Fish Head Chronicles -
Series of videos by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries’ Region 4 office.  The videos cover a variety of aquatic life and fishery topics.  Most are between about 3 and 10 minutes long.  Available online at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWwKl6ZCwUDtnmOCNxoAVsA.

Shenandoah River Report
--with Jeff Kelble, Shenandoah RiverKeeeper, twice weekly (about 2-6 minutes) on WZRV 95.3 FM in Front Royal.  Discusses river conditions, fishing conditions, events, and conservation activities and issues.  Podcasts online at

Southern Appalachian Creature Feature
-Podcasts from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Asheville Field Office; http://www.fws.gov/asheville/podcasts/rss/creature_feature.xml.

WVTF/Radio IQ Public Radio from Virginia Tech--Individual reports available online in several categories, including the following (click on the category to access reports):

Government and Politics
Science and Technology


Bird Note--Approximately 2-minute segments with sounds and stories about birds' behavior, physiology, habitat, and other aspects.  Online at http://birdnote.org/.

Earth Gauge Radio
—Approximately 1 to 2-minute segments with tips and facts on conservation, wildlife, etc.; produced by the National Environmental Education Foundation.  Online at http://www.earthgauge.net/radio.

Great Plains
Playa Country Radio
weekly radio program about conservation of wildlife habitat in the western Great Plains; produced by the Playa Lakes Joint Venture and carried on High Plains Public Radio.  Online at http://www.pljv.org/news/playa-country.


Connecting the Drops--A collaboration of the Colorado Foundation for Water Education and three Colorado Public Radio stations.  Online at http://www.cfwe.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=281&Itemid=348.  More information on the Colorado Foundation for Water Education is is available at http://www.cfwe.org.


Water Rocks -- An Iowa State University Web site about water issues.  The site includes a link to creative videos produced on a variety of issues.  Online at http://www.waterrocks.org/.

Living Green in Annapolis
--Weekly one-hour show on environmental issues in the Annapolis, Md., area; sponsored by Annapolis Green, a non-profit organization; available online at
http://www.annapolisgreen.com/radio/; broadcast Wed., 6-7 p.m., on WNAV 1430 AM and 99.9 FM in Annapolis.


Water Spots—one-minute public service announcements; from the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Online at http://cfpub.epa.gov/npstbx/relatedpopup.cfm?RelatedMaterialID=53.

Montana Forestry Minute—one-minute, weekly spots with Peter Kolb, an extension forestry specialist at Montana State University.  Broadcast on KGVO in Missoula and KLYQ in Hamilton. Online at http://kgvo1290.com/montana-forestry-minute.