Thematic Series

Welcome to the Virginia Water Radio Thematic Series page!

This page provides quick links to collections of Water Radio episodes grouped around specific themes.

As of December 2021, the full list of series themes is as follows:
Human Body and Biology;
Trees and Shrubs;
Water in U.S. Civil Rights History;
Watersheds and River Basins;

o access the series of episode for any of these theme, click on the hyperlinked series theme words shown below in blue (with accompanying photo).

Old Spring House in Winchester, Va.

The Human Body and Human Biology (2021).

Water uses in the human body.  Illustration from the U.S. Geological Survey, “The Water in You: Water and the Human Body,”

Springtime (2021)

An early spring view of a temporary pool and an adjacent wetlands in Blacksburg, Va., April 4, 2015.

Trees and Shrubs (2022)

Water sign on a tree along the Appalachian Trail in Washington County, Va., December 14, 2008.

Exploring Water in U.S. Civil Rights History (2021-2023)









First page of the original version of the U.S. Constitution, on display at the National Archives.  Image from the U.S. National Archives, “The Constitution of the United States,” online at






Map showing Virginia’s major watersheds.  Map from the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, “Virginia’s Major Watersheds,” online at

Winter (2021-2023)