Monday, April 9, 2012

Episode 106 (4-9-12): Getting the Weather Message

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From the Cumberland Gap to the Atlantic Ocean, this is Virginia Water Radio for the week of April 9, 2012.

This week we feature another mystery sound.  Have a listen for about 15 seconds, and see if you know what was happening during these sounds.  And here’s a hint: what tells you whether to act?


You’ve been listening to rain, thunder, and Virginia Tech emergency warning sirens during a tornado-warning for the Blacksburg area in the early morning of April 28, 2011.  While tornado sirens are not too common in Virginia, most Virginians frequently receive special weather-related messages through various electronic media.  Here are three samples from NOAA Weather Radio.


According to the National Weather Service, an advisory highlights weather conditions that may cause significant inconvenience or threaten life or property if caution is not used.  A watch means that conditions are right for a hazardous weather event to occur, but the location or timing is uncertain.  And a warning is issued when a hazardous event is actually occurring or is very likely to occur, and people should take appropriate safety action immediately.  Information on appropriate actions for specific weather events is available from the National Weather Service, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, the American Red Cross, and other organizations.  Take some time now to get ready for the next severe-weather message.

For other water sounds and music, and for more Virginia water information, visit our Web site at, or call us at (540) 231-5463.  From the Virginia Water Resources Research Center in Blacksburg, I’m Alan Raflo, thanking you for listening, and wishing you health, wisdom, and good water.

Acknowledgments: Recordings of National Weather Service statements were taken from the “NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards Streaming Audio” Web page at (Hagerstown and Manassas stations’ “Hazardous Weather Outlooks,” as of 11 a.m. on 4/9/12).

Sources: Information was taken from the National Weather Service online glossary,, 4/9/12.  Web sites for organizations mentioned are as follows (as of 4/9/12): National Weather Service, “Weather Safety” page at (this page includes information on NOAA Weather Radio); Virginia Department of Emergency Management “Ready Virginia” page at; American Red Cross home page at (click on “Preparing and Getting Trained”).

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