Monday, January 7, 2013

Episode 143 (1-7-13): Music for the Past and Present of the Virginia General Assembly

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From the Cumberland Gap to the Atlantic Ocean, this is Virginia Water Radio for the week of January 7, 2013.

This week, we feature a musical selection that might have entertained Virginia colonists who gathered for a historic meeting in July 1619.  Have a listen for about 30 seconds.


You’ve been listening to a lute selection performed by Paul O’Dette on the 2006 CD, “Daniel Bacheler: The Bachelar’s Delight,” from Harmonia Mundi.  Daniel Bacheler was an English lute player and composer who died in 1619.  So it’s possible that his music was heard by the colonists who gathered in Jamestown in 1619 for the first meeting of the Virginia House of Burgesses, the beginning of the Virginia General Assembly.  On January 9, 2013, today’s General Assembly convenes in Richmond, and water will be part of the agenda, just as it has been since the days of colonial sanitation laws.  The 2013 Assembly will consider dozens of bills on fisheries, sewers, and other water-related topics, with the state’s moratorium on uranium mining probably the most prominent natural-resource issue of this session.  You can be part of Virginia’s 395-year tradition of representative government by following the General Assembly’s work and by contacting your delegate or senator about issues of concern.

For other water sounds and music, and for more Virginia water information, visit our Web site at, or call us at (540) 231-5463.  From the Virginia Water Resources Research Center in Blacksburg, I’m Alan Raflo, thanking you for listening, and wishing you health, wisdom, and good water.


Cartoon by George Wills, Blacksburg, Va.,

Acknowledgments and information sources (all as of 1/7/13):
The excerpt played in this episode was from “Courante” (track #23), on the 2006 CD “Daniel Bacheler: The Bachelar’s Delight,” by Paul O’Dette on the Harmonia Mundi USA label (online at!/search/k=Daniel%20Bacheler); used with permission.

Information about English lutenist/composer Daniel Bacheler (1574-1619) and about the music of the year 1619 was taken from “Harmonia Time Capsule: 1619,” on WFIU Public Radio’s (Bloomington, Indiana) “Harmonia Early Music” Web site,

Information on the Virginia House of Burgesses was taken from “Encyclopedia Virginia,” from the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and the Library of Virginia, online at; and from “History of Jamestown,” by Preservation Virginia, online at

For information on Virginia’s 1610 sanitation law, please see the Virginia Department of Health Web site at; and “First Hand Accounts of Virginia 1575-1705,” at the University of Virginia’s “Virtual Jamestown” Web site, (see Article 1.22).

For more information on the Virginia General Assembly (as of January 2013):

The Virginia General Assembly’s Web site,, offers several useful features, including member lists, session calendars, live video of floor sessions, and information on legislative processes.  The Legislative Information System (LIS) Web site at provides lists and summaries of all bills, searchable by topic, member, committee, etc.

During sessions, live streaming video is available: the House of Delegates live video stream Web site is;

The Senate live video steam Web site is  Session videos are also posted on the Virginia General Assembly blog site of The Aisle News, Inc., of Arlington, Virginia, at

To express an opinion on legislation, citizens are requested to contact their respective delegate of senator.  If you do not know your representatives or their contact information, you can use the online “Who’s My Legislator” service, available at  You can find members’ contact information at these links:


If you know the numbers of your legislative districts, you can also use the following code to identify your representatives’ Capitol phone numbers: for delegates, (804) 698-10 + district number (for example, 698-1003 for the District 3 delegate); for senators, (804) 698-75 + district number (for example, 698-7510 for the District 10 senator).

The Lobbyist-In-A-Box subscriber service also offers free tracking for up to five bills, and it offers tracking of more than five bills for a fee; visit  For assistance, phone Legislative Automated Systems at (804) 786-9631.

Beginning in late January, an inventory of water-related bills in the current Virginia General Assembly is posted on the Virginia Water Resources Research Center’s Web site at  Inventories for sessions back to 1998 are also available at this site.  The Center’s newsletter, Virginia Water Central, publishes a final inventory of water-related legislation in the first newsletter issue following the close of the General Assembly.

Also, the Virginia Water Central News Grouper posts links to online news articles about water-related legislation in the General Assembly.  The site is; click on the “Categories” box on the right and look for “Virginia General Assembly” for the current year.

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