Monday, September 22, 2014

Episode 232 (9-22-14): "Samuel Mason" by Andrew and Noah vanNorstrand Recalls a Notorious, Virginia-born River Pirate

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From the Cumberland Gap to the Atlantic Ocean, this is Virginia Water Radio for the week of September 22, 2014.

This week, we feature a song about a frontier Virginian who became an infamous river pirate.  Have a listen for about a minute.


You’ve been listening to “Samuel Mason,” by the Andrew and Noah vanNorstrand, from their 2010 album, “All the Good Summers,” on Great Bear Records.  Born in Norfolk in 1739, Mason was a Revolutionary War soldier and a farmer on the western Virginia frontier.  But he was known for criminal activities, and in the 1790s he became one of the most notorious pirates targeting riverside dwellers and boat traffic, particularly in the area around Hurricane Island and Cave-in-Rock on the Ohio River in Illinois.  Mason’s killing in 1803—by fellow pirates seeking reward money—helped lead to the end of well-organized piracy on the Ohio and other waterways on the early-U.S. frontier.  By that by-gone era was, unfortunately, only a part of the long-tragic history of piracy that continues in the 21st Century on several of the world’s seas.  Thanks to Andrew and Noah for permission to use this week’s music, and we end with about 10 more seconds of “Samuel Mason.”


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“Samuel Mason” and “All the Good Summers” are copyright by Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand and Great Bear Records, used with permission.  More information about Andrew and Noah and their bands is available online at

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